Peaceful calm and panoramic views in the Lake District in central Jutland

Betina and Tim Olsen seized their chance when they found the perfect house, located on the banks of Skanderborg Lake. The home has been completely renovated, and the Troldtekt line design solution makes a visual as well as an acoustic difference in the high-ceilinged rooms.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in private homes
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

With its panoramic views of the lake in Skanderborg, moving to this dream location was the right decision for Betina and Tim Olsen and their two children – even though it is less than a kilometre from their previous home. In 2018, they therefore took over the 1966 villa, but didn’t move in until a year later, due to a scheduled full renovation of the house.

The renovation involved a complete restructuring of the home. An architect assisted with drawings of the exterior, but the interior structure and spaces were designed by the family itself.

“The architect highlighted the beautiful exterior lines and the bay windows in each room. Since we’ve refurbished homes before, and since having children requires some things to be in a certain way, it made sense for us to design the interior ourselves,” says Tim Olsen.

Among other things, the family wanted to revive an unused first floor. Therefore, the house has been elevated with a so-called jamb wall where the roof is raised by one metre to create more first floor space. The house has also been fitted with a new roof construction and a new flat-tiled roof.

“And, of course, the large windows facing the lake give us a fantastic view. This panoramic effect was exactly what we wanted, and the exterior and interior design and structure were built around this, with a view of the lake from all rooms facing the lake on both floors”, says Betina Olsen.

Quality materials throughout

The family has chosen a hand- and custom-made kitchen in solid oak. The same carpenter was used to design and make the furniture for bathrooms, toilets, walk-in closets and the remaining rooms. This ensures that the cabinets are made to fit the sloping walls, thus maximising the space in the room.

Betina and Tim Olsen had mitred herringbone flooring in a previous house and decided to use it in their new home too, as it creates a lively and harmonious atmosphere.

The house boasts distinctive, vaulted ceilings over seven metres high, which have been fitted with the Troldtekt line design solution. The choice was mainly based on the solution’s aesthetic expression, but the family was pleasantly surprised by the resulting good acoustics throughout the house.

“At the Troldtekt showroom, we were introduced to the new Troldtekt line, which is part of the new range of design solutions. It looked great and we chose it in a special shade of grey which harmonises with the ceilings in the utility room and the multi room,” says Tim Olsen. In those two rooms, the couple chose to install Troldtekt panels in the colour natural grey.

“The acoustics are much better than we expected – there’s a great sense of calm and peace when we’re talking to each other, even across the kitchen and living room.  When you talk in regular voices, every sound is clear and well-defined. Several of our guests have noticed and mentioned the good acoustics right away.”