Just like a new house

The family celebrated the extensive renovation and modernisation of their home with a house-warming party, because it felt just like a new house. And yet all solutions were inspired by the original property.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

The time had come to create a large, open-plan living area, where the kitchen takes central stage. It is now with a strong sense of architectural coherence that you step in through the door and move through the house until you settle down on the sofa. The kitchen and utility room have been rethought, and the solutions meet every possible requirement with regard to functionality and aesthetics.

The family commissioned the interior designer Søren Vester, who presented fresh ideas on how to transform their traditional home into one which was more unique and modern, and which brought everyone together in and around the kitchen. Now, the kitchen affords views across the living area and into the garden beyond, which is also visible from the newly arranged sofa corner.

Shades of grey

Søren Vester quickly decided that the ceilings should be replaced with Troldtekt panels to ensure good acoustics in the large communal space.

The family visited the Troldtekt showroom in Tranbjerg south of Aarhus, and agreed on the design solution Troldtekt line in grey. It was decided that a black ceiling would appear too dominant given the relatively low ceiling height in the single-family house, and according to the family, the grey colour in fact adopts a wide range of shades depending on the lighting conditions.

The family wanted a white kitchen, and after further research decided to use slate for the worktops and the wall behind the cooker, which goes well with the Troldtekt ceilings. The wooden floors look good, and lend warmth to the room together with the wooden furniture.

The Troldtekt ceiling is installed with a gap between the panels and the walls to create an air of precision while emphasising the longitudinal lines in the ceiling panels.