Bright idea about black ceilings

This new family home at Skovlunde on the outskirts of Copenhagen is exactly what master bricklayer Caspar Larsen had always envisaged when he had the opportunity to build his own property. Using superior materials and white brickwork inside and out, the simple, stylish and spacious house blends in with its other white-plastered neighbours.

Troldtekt - Skovlunde
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Casper’s original idea had been to use plasterboard on all the ceilings. However, because of the hard surfaces of floor tiles and brick walls, both his carpenter and engineer advised him to select a ceiling solution which would dampen the acoustics.

The choice of black Troldtekt acoustic panels was a completely spontaneous decision. “I looked at a couple of possibilities at the builder’s merchant but when I saw the black-painted version in a Troldtekt catalogue, I thought I’d have to go for that one,” recalls Casper.

With a 2.5 metre high ceiling, he had no reservations about choosing a slightly unconventional solution with dark ceilings in every room. Nevertheless, he was slightly apprehensive about the final look.

“I was slightly anxious about whether it would feel as though the ceiling was dropping on your head. But now that it’s up, I don’t at all.” The result is a striking effect rich in contrasts with pleasant acoustics in all the rooms.