Wood in a contemporary setting

This new holiday home at Hals in North Denmark is an important gathering place for the family, just as the original cottage was. The setting has been improved on many counts that also give the place its own identity.

Acoustic ceilings from Troldtekt in holiday home

The courtyard is enclosed and precisely defined on three sides of the building carcase, while the fourth side forms the green, wild area of the plot. An established pine tree has survived the construction process and reminds us that we are close to the coast. The buildings comprise a storage room, a sauna and the residential building itself.

This compact home is neatly arranged with living room and kitchen next to the courtyard, while the bedrooms and shower room are grouped together at the “back”. The pitched roof points down to the courtyard in such a way that you essentially experience your surroundings framed by the large windows. The gable of the house also has a large window section facing the terrace, with the overhanging roof providing shade.

Holiday home charm

When it was time for the family to design their new holiday home, like the previous house, it had to be cosy and timber built. N+ P ARKITEKTUR of Aalborg transformed this idea into a modern, inviting house with wood both inside and out, contrasting with a black kitchen and black doors and ceilings. This makes the interior wooden facades appear more vibrant and textural, with a pleasing graphic effect.

The Troldtekt line ceilings accentuate the length of the house with the longitudinal lines in the ceiling tiles and emphasise the graphic styling. The acoustic properties of Troldtekt and the dark colour envelope the room with a cosy ambience. One end of the living room also has loft space, appropriate for a proper holiday home, where you need space for guests.