Farmhouse grew in height

Julia Kleine and her family have transformed an old farmhouse from 1907 into a modern and stylish family home on two storeys.

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Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Julia Kleine, her husband Thomas and their three children live in a 205-square-metre house on two levels in the middle of the small town of Nors in Thy in north-west Jutland. The building was originally a farmhouse with a cowshed in the back yard, but has been transformed into a modern home that is better suited to a style-conscious family with young children. Seven years ago, Julia and Thomas converted the roof to create bedrooms for their two oldest children and a large communal area which functions as a playroom.

– Thomas and his father did much of the hands-on work. We wanted a room with plenty of space for the children to run around. The exposed beams are made of pine, which has been stained to give it an aged look to match the rest of the house, says Julia Kleine.

Kitchen/living room, no thanks 
On the ground floor, the couple’s youngest daughter now has a bedroom next to her parents. Both rooms lead into the large living room and kitchen, which are connected by an open area.

- We thought about removing the partition completely to create a standard open-plan kitchen/living room. But we decided that it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if we’d opened it right up. As it is now, it feels like one room, but is easier to furnish and decorate with cosy corners, says Julia Kleine.

Troldtekt creates contrast
The entire ground floor and both bedrooms upstairs have Troldtekt acoustic panels, with details such as well-placed spots, a built-in cooker hood and a homemade trapdoor in the ceiling. Troldtekt was chosen for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

– I’d noticed Troldtekt on Instagram, and when we saw a sample in a DIY store, I could see that it was both attractive and practical. And after it was installed, I was completely sold. I was positively surprised by how well it matched our style, and how well it contrasts with all our other things. The acoustics are outstanding, and then it’s a very practical material to work with. We always have a couple of projects on the go in the house, so it’s nice to know that we can easily install an extra spot if necessary, says Julia Kleine.