Troldtekt, Tureby
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

The one problem in the Andersen family’s beautiful wood house in Tureby was the combination of a high ceiling, plasterboard walls and a parquet floor which created poor acoustics.

“The sound level had turned into a vicious circle. When the children watched TV in the living room, it was impossible to have a conversation in the kitchen. Then we spoke louder, the TV volume was turned up – and it just went on and on like that…”says Alex Andersen.

Consequently, in 2011 and in the hope of solving the problem, Alex Andersen entered the competition to win a sponsored acoustic ceiling from Troldtekt – and he won!

This resulted in Troldtekt being installed in the living room and kitchen, much of the work being carried out by him with the help of his carpenter brother. Due to many ceiling angles, the panels had to be cut to size but, in spite of this, the installation went well.

“A couple of thermal bridges challenged us but this problem was easily solved because we had the special Troldtekt Plus panels with built-in insulation installed,” says Alex.

To match the walls, white-painted Troldtekt panels with ultrafine structure were installed and Alex is very satisfied with the result. In particular, the family is very happy with the central living room where its high ceiling and two triangular bays give the house character and create a lovely influx of light.

“It may sound strange but as soon as we had installed the first five or six panels, we were actually able to hear the difference. Now, we are thinking about having Troldtekt installed everywhere in the house”, says Alex Andersen.