Bungalow extension

Mikkel Thisted, an architect, lives with his family in a traditional 1930s bungalow in Valby in south-west Copenhagen. The house has recently been enlarged with a 45-square-metre extension, which has also given the family more direct access to the garden.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in private home
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

Needless to say, Mikkel Thisted designed the extension himself. Inspired by 1930s residential architecture with rounded balconies, he has designed the extension as an independent element with rounded corners so that the new harmonises with the old.

From the outside, a glass section separates the existing house, while inside there is a smooth transition between the rooms. Where the two structures meet, the brick facade serves as an inner facade, and is an honest and charming element. The new space has given the family a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room with direct access to the garden.
The extension is a modular construction comprising two modules, which were 95 per cent completed in a covered workshop in Vejle, after which they were transported on two large low bed trailers to Valby. A mobile crane then hoisted one module at a time over the main house from the road and lowered them onto the prepared pad foundations. The modules arrived at nine in the morning and were in place by lunchtime.
Structure and daylight
The new rooms are light and airy with their large windows and generous ceiling height. The rounded corners are a nice touch inside, and define the extension as an independent structure.

On the ceilings, the family has chosen to install Troldtekt rhomb acoustic panels which have a distinctive diamond pattern, and give the ceiling a three-dimensional look. The ceiling helps to unite the rooms in the extension, while also ensuring good acoustics.

The choice of materials has been decisive for the extension as a whole. The structure of the Troldtekt ceiling panels ties in well with the exposed brick wall and the wood around the windows and the new wooden steps that connect the three levels in the house. This palette of materials also gives the new extension an authentic and warm feel.