Dramatic décor

The dairy Vallø Mejeri near Køge on eastern Zealand became a dream conversion for the duo behind MAKWäRK Interior Design, who transformed the industrial building into their private residence and workspace.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, arkitekt MAA

Built in 1949, the old dairy was the perfect canvas for the distinctive kind of interior design that Britt Christiansen & Mikkel Küster simply love. The large main room with a mezzanine floor retains the white tiles from its dairy days, and the tall windows are another striking original feature, bathing the room in daylight. The dramatic height and size of the room are accentuated by décor that plays into its giant scale. There is ample space for sculptural lamps to provide lighting as well as a built-in fireplace, creating rooms within the room. The long dining table and large plants add to the dramatic ambience. However, the décor is also full of contrasts, making the room inviting and cosy, with personal touches and carefully curated furniture.

Spectacular glass ceilings

Britt Christiansen & Mikkel Küster have been highly creative in retaining and incorporating as many of the dairy’s historical industrial features as possible. Originally, milk silos passed through the holes in the mezzanine floor. Now the holes have been glazed as part of the flooring, providing a delightful connection between the office upstairs and the home below. Grey Troldtekt panels were chosen for the ceiling in the large room, significantly enhancing the acoustics of this architecturally raw space. The look and feel of Troldtekt fits in well with the industrial space and the desire to create a welcoming home ambience. The Troldtekt panels used in Vallø Mejeri have noticeably bevelled edges – a fitting reference to the joints of the tiles.