Settler dreams came true

In Allingsås, Sweden, a young family designed and were involved in the construction of their new home. They chose grey Troldtekt, which works well with their minimalist, Nordic style.

Rebecka Ryting and her husband shared a dream of designing their own house in Allingsås, and in 2021 that dream came true. Both are engineers in the construction industry, so they wanted to be as involved as possible in the project.

“We designed the house ourselves and then bought the loose wood for it from a local construction company. We hired all the contractors ourselves and took care of purchasing some of the materials. My husband took time off work to help build the house. I was on maternity leave with our son, who was born a week before the groundbreaking, and we stayed with my in-laws near ​the site,” Rebecka explains.

The couple, who have a two-month-old baby and a two-year-old, began building in January 2021 and were able to move in in July 2021 as planned.


Simple, Nordic design

Their newbuild home in Allingsås northwest of Gothenburg is surrounded by scenic countryside, and the design makes the most of this. Panoramic windows and patio doors let in daylight from all angles.

The colours are subdued, primarily in shades of grey and black, but with white walls and added warmth from the herringbone parquet floor throughout.

Rebecka says they knew from the outset what architectural style and interior design they would go for:

“We wanted to go the minimalist, Nordic route. With stylish and useful functions to suit a young family.”


Troldtekt used throughout

Troldtekt was a natural choice for the Nordic styling of the home, and the couple decided to install Troldtekt on all ceilings.

The combined dining and living room has classic grey Troldtekt acoustic panels, which ensure comfortable acoustics in the high-ceilinged room, while also accentuating the exposed structural wooden rafters. 

White Troldtekt has been chosen for the rest of the house, including the recessed kitchen off the living room and the bathroom, which both feature Troldtekt panels with integrated lighting.

“We wanted good acoustics, and Troldtekt is stylish and affordable too. We’re extremely happy with the result, and visitors are always pleasantly surprised at the acoustics, especially given that we don’t yet have many sound-dampening objects or textiles,” Rebecka concludes.