Framing harmony

The starting points for the renovation of this small 1950s home in Aarhus West were the original exterior walls and the incredible views across the city and the bay. During the process, the family has succeeded in putting their own stamp on the home.

Superior acoustics and a healthy indoor climate in private homes with Troldtekt acoustic ceilings

The unique bricks, which are seconds, provide the house with a distinctive character and celebrate the original, modest home. There is an open-plan kitchen/living space that opens up to the upper floor around the wooden staircase. An extension has been constructed to provide bedrooms and bathrooms, all opening onto the garden. The main living space is located on the upper floor, where bedrooms used to be located.

The design of the room, with the sloping walls and muted colours, encourages relaxation and daydreaming as you look across the skies and the skyline of Aarhus. Like the other windows, the large windows are beautifully framed and this is one of the many stunning details of the home. The family has focused on brick and wood and these materials can be found both inside and outside the home.

Preserving history

The Troldtekt ceilings can also be found throughout and have even been used for the covered area outside the bedroom. As part of the renovation project, the family decided that their new home needed to have excellent acoustics and they quickly settled on a Troldtekt solution. V-line ensures continuity across the surfaces, which have a muted appearance that interacts well with the delicate colours on the walls and the other interior design.

Rather than constructing a new home, the family reused parts of the existing home and preserved parts of its history, some of which have been etched into what is now the interior brick wall. The consumption of resources was also lower than for a newbuild.

The family explains: "In the construction process, we wanted to create a connection between the inside and the outside, while bringing light, warm colours inside. The wall colours were inspired by the natural daylight that falls at different times of the day, such as the morning sun, evening sun and twilight. We feel that the grey v-line Troldtekt ceilings interact well with the grey steel roof and the wooden facade outside, which will get greyer over time. In addition to excellent acoustics, the ceilings also provide a wonderful contrast between light and dark, generating a sense of cosiness while adding a touch of luxury".