Home renovation full of contrast

An extensive renovation has transformed this house in Klampenborg, Denmark, into a beautifully designed home with lines and colour schemes both inside and out that balance fluctuating and immutable touches.

Ceilings with Troldtekt acoustic panels in private homes

There is exceptionally good communication between the home's rooms, as the living room and bedroom are located half a storey above the kitchen entrance, while the three children’s bedrooms are located in a wing below. The family has built on this dynamic by creating several lofts on the upper floor, which have vaulted ceilings. The offset in the designs creates a longitudinal skylight that, together with the shape and placement of the other windows, creates a sculptural effect for the whole house. In addition, the family has discovered the joy of colour in the home, choosing different colours for floors and walls that elegantly emphasise the character and function of the rooms.


Lines of light

The finished interior design also includes black Troldtekt ceilings throughout, which have been used without bevels to create a contiguous surface. LED rails are distributed across the ceiling surface from wall to wall, giving the ceilings their own look and accentuating the vaulted ceilings. In an open-plan home with high ceilings, Troldtekt acoustic ceilings have proven to be effective sound absorbers. The black Troldtekt ceilings contrast beautifully with the coloured walls and floors. The window frames and niches are made of wood and, together with the ceilings, provide a tactile addition to the design. Outside, the wooden windows also serve as a counterpoint to the cool, smooth surfaces of the steel facades with vertical rebates. While the beautiful colours create a variable collage of spaces, the black ceilings, steel facades and the continuous lines in the ceilings and facades function as more constant elements that appear homogeneous and calm.