Troldtekt, private home Svendborg
Photo: Tommy Kosior, Troldtekt A/S

Great improvement of acoustics

Lone Dam and Ole Brix purchased their 150 sqm architect designed villa in Svendborg but soon discovered it had one major shortcoming.  "The acoustics in the large kitchen/living-room were terrible,” says Ole. “When there were several people talking at once, it was impossible to understand each other or hear properly because there was so much reverberation. We are a family of seven, including five talkative teenagers, and the terrible noise could leave you with quite a headache!"  

Solution respecting the architecture

The couple are therefore delighted with their new Troldtekt acoustic ceiling. "We can now hold a conversation while preparing a meal, even with television running in the background. It's wonderful and we could soon begin to hear a difference during installation."
Flemming Vitus, a certified Troldtekt acoustic professional and Jack Hegaard, from the 'Mig og Svoger' carpentry firm in Funen had the job of installing the ceiling. "This family clearly had major problems with poor acoustics because of the dimensions of the kitchen/living room and the hard materials used. Together with a representative from Troldtekt, we advised the family on the different sound, design and installation options available which would not only dramatically improve the acoustics but also complement the architect’s design," notes Flemming.

In consultation with the advisers, Lone and Ole decided the Troldtekt ceiling should be white with an ultrafine structure. They also partially retained the rustic ceiling with its large skylights but also painted white to match.

Lone and Ole are very happy with the final result. "The acoustics are how they should be and architecturally we are pleased with the way the ceiling contrasts with our home's minimalist furnishings," says Ole.