New-build private home with spectacular views

Villa Bayview boasts uninterrupted views of the inlet Kolding Fjord on Jutland’s east coast. Huge panoramic windows offer spectacular views of the landscape, while Troldtekt ceilings between exposed beams contribute to the peaceful atmosphere indoors.

Troldtekt, Private home Kolding
Photo: Jacob Gonge Due

Villa Bayview is situated on the south side of Kolding Fjord, a newly built 300-square-metre split-level private home.  The entrance is on the middle level, and leads into a light and spacious kitchen/living room, from where there is unrestricted access to the upper level with the sitting room and master bedroom suite, and to the ground floor below with guest rooms, wine cellar and bar. From each level, there are commanding views of the surrounding scenery and the port of Kolding. 

Recessed balcony
The kitchen/living room opens out onto a concrete hexagonal balcony, which is the building’s distinctive feature. The special shape is recessed into the facade, providing shelter and privacy from the neighbours.

“The balcony is cast so that it’s almost tucked into the south facade, which is warmed by the sun during the day. It’s the perfect place to enjoy views of the scenic surroundings,” says Kjeld Kjeldgaard Ghozati, an architect and partner at E+N Arkitektur, which designed the villa.

Light and friendly interior
Inside, the house oozes materiality thanks to the exposed brick walls, the natural stone floor in the living room and the raw concrete. Together with the influx of natural light from the skylight and the huge windows with their concealed frames, the interior feels bright and friendly.

“We’ve really made a point of emphasising the contrasts and the sense of materiality, with exposed brick inside and out, exposed beams and Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings. The concrete wall was cast using plank formwork, which means that you can see the imprints of the individual planks, and we’ve created niches in the brick walls for cupboards,” says Kjeld Kjeldgaard Ghozati.

Excellent acoustics
The villa’s ceilings are made of Troldtekt acoustic panels installed with a frieze board on the outside and wooden strips between the panels. Suspended floating acoustic clouds made of Troldtekt panels conceal the LED lights which illuminate the beams, creating discreet and atmospheric lighting.

“Troldtekt is an attractive natural product that provides excellent acoustic control. Consequently, the villa has incredibly good acoustics, despite having quite a few hard surfaces. Also, the ceiling does not need painting, but just needs to be installed. By incorporating Troldtekt into the building from the outset, you can create some very exciting solutions,” says Kjeld Kjeldgaard Ghozati.