Bagsværd School

The new Bagsværd School, which amalgamates two local schools, gives the impression of a modern building with a sense of harmony. Split levels, double-height rooms and a high degree of transparency characterise the spacious complexity of the School.

Troldtekt, Bagsværd School
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

Attractive brick facades unite this two part building and give it a simple and expressive whole. The two wings are connected by the first floor library attached to the double-height rooms and entrance which comprises the main common area. This arrangement gives the school a clear identity as the main social gathering point. The school's overall design has been well worked out and the finer details carefully considered in relation to space, texture and materials.

The architects consulted Caroline Krag regarding the choice of colours for walls, furniture and other furnishings. The colours in the library, for example, are relatively subdued, because the room offers so many other impressions, while the classrooms each have their own materials and colour identity.

Troldtekt panels are one of the materials used throughout, providing architectural cohesion in the school's many rooms and ensuring good acoustics in classrooms and the double-height canteen. As a new feature, access panels have been fitted in all rooms, to provide access to the services installed above the Troldtekt ceilings. According to Nøhr & Sigsgaard Arkitekter, this simple mechanical access, which requires neither tools nor special expertise, provides a very effective and easy solution which is well integrated into the ceiling.