City Campus Aalborg

The new City Campus Aalborg constitutes the framework for inspiration and innovation among students and staff at the university and is, at the same time, an active and attractive area for everyone in Aalborg.

Troldtekt City Campus Aalborg
Photo: Martin Schulz

The vision for the project is a building that creates internal synergy between the different academic programs, while benefiting all citizens of Aalborg. City Campus Aalborg is organized around a large atrium and a large, south-facing outdoor courtyard faced by several large windows that make the internal activities visible to the environment, and create coherence between the internal and external activities of the square.

The public atrium includes exhibition areas, cafeteria and auditorium. The square created by the new building can be used for concerts, open-air cinema, performances, exhibitions and space for students to create large working models in close connection with the workshops.

The building houses 900 students and permanent staff and researchers in areas of study; Architecture & Design, Media Technology, Humanistic Informatics and Art & Technology. The building’s ground floor, which is open to the public, is oriented both towards the city and harbour.

The new City Campus Aalborg is the result of Aalborg Municipality’s significant investments in training and is located in the harbour between two youth residences; Utzon Centre and the new House of Music by Coop Himmelb(l)au.