Dueholm School

Dueholm School is situated in Nykøbing, the largest town on Mors island in the Limfjord. This 10,000 square metre public school, with 800 pupils and divided into primary school, middle school and upper school, is almost like a small town with neighbourhoods and squares. Originally built in 1969 and extended several times, the latest addition is a 1,100 square metre two storey wing which houses the staff room, offices and four new classrooms.

Troldtekt, Dueholm School
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

This was finished in 2009. In fact, the building is a renovation of two existing classroom wings now with a canopy added over the existing courtyard which has turned the space into a multi--functioning indoor square. Here there is room to accommodate about 400 pupils and to hold large events. In addition to the square, four classrooms were built and the existing rooms were expanded and upgraded.

The architects from Arkitektgruppen Limfjorden have designed the latest extensions with the clear objective of creating something new - no oblique angles or dramatic colours –  just simple good design with high-ceilinged rooms. White-painted Troldtekt has been installed everywhere in the two buildings.

Project architect Ole Davidsen from Arkitektgruppen Limfjorden says:

“Over the past ten years, many renovations and extensions have been made to the school and different types of ceiling materials have been used. However, these have proved unsatisfactory because the plasterboard ceilings did not ensure the right acoustics and the mineral wool ones were not suitable for occasional harsh treatment by the children. So, for this project, we installed Troldtekt.”

“Everyone thinks the result is very good and the white Troldtekt ceiling looks very attractive and neutral. At first, we were concerned that the ceilings might look too ‘industrial’ but this is not the case and we are very satisfied with the result,” Ole Davidsen concludes.