Gabled building on hill 

Bakkefløjen is Frederiksborg City School’s pre-school facility, standing alone between woods and the school’s amphitheatre. The new building is constructed in wood, but the gables are also notable and a known feature of the existing school.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in school architecture

With a beautiful location set against the woods, the school’s 12 rooms, HFO and a couple of specialist subject rooms are spread over four two-storey gabled buildings. Between the classrooms are small group rooms, and in the middle of the building is a double-height link room, which forms an axis with the rooms on both floors along with the woods and the amphitheatre on the opposite axis. Large glass sections open up the building and provide daylight to the hallway and surrounding walkways.

The building is a pilot project for Hillerød Municipality on sustainable building and has been nominated for School Building of the Year 2023, where the expert jury’s assessment was: "A very well designed building providing good pedagogical and didactic frameworks."

Built in wood

In order to achieve a sustainable building with efficient energy utilisation and a good indoor climate, the building is constructed in CLT elements as the primary construction. Wood has also been used on the facades and ceilings, supplied by Troldtekt. Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels were chosen, which include extra insulation, and the wood in the panels is FSC®-certified. Troldtekt also works well as a material used throughout, linking floors and different types of rooms.

On the upper floor, the ceilings are vaulted, while some walls are inclined, giving the floor a more sculptural room experience. In the classrooms on the upper floor, the facade mouldings run down in front of the top of the windows, providing extra daylight without glare.