Playful school building that keeps the noise down

When 600 students and 100 teachers moved into their new school, it had changed its name and shape.

Troldtekt, Grevegårdsskolan, Sweden
Photo: Albin Wahlgren / Thorn Creative Agency

Grevegårdsskolan in Gothenburg is now called Frejaskolan. And the shape, well, it’s anything but perpendicular. The architects’ idea of creating a school without a rear resulted in three hexagonal brick-clad buildings.

Three hexagons, linked by an entrance node

Frejaskolan consists of three hexagons that together surround a playful and varied courtyard. The actual school buildings have a total area of 10,000 square metres and have teaching rooms for students from preschool classes up to year 9.

The idea of the buildings, which are connected by an entrance node, is to create a variety of outdoor environments for the children and to face all directions on the large site. Externally, the school is austere but playful. This is also something that characterises the interior concept. Different shaped rooms create environments for security, togetherness and playfulness and provide a great deal of inspiration for children and teachers.

Carefully chosen materials

The buildings have a clear structure, with attractive outdoor spaces and good connections between indoor and outdoor environments. The material choices both inside and out have been carefully produced to stay in good condition and improve with age.

Troldtekt acoustic panels in white and natural grey have been used inside the school as ceiling cladding, mounted using the T24 profile system. The solution effectively reduces noise levels and creates the conditions for well-being and learning.