A school designed for children

Varde has a brand-new school where the architecture and choice of materials are focused on making pupils feel at home – which is essential to play and learning alike.

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Frelloskolen is named after the town’s renowned artist, Otto Frello, who as a painter was known both for his precise craftsmanship and his boundary-pushing motifs. Along with other rooms at the school, the name of ‘The Golden Room’ – the school’s central space – was inspired by a work by Otto Frello. The Golden Room connects the two floors of the school and the four sections that make up the school. The space is like a densification of the school’s identity and spatiality – at once clearly organised and playful.

The rooms and facilities for art, science, music etc. are arranged around The Golden Room, sharing with the rest of the school all the activities going on in these subjects. The building is divided into three sections for the school’s primary, intermediate and lower secondary age groups, while a fourth section accommodates administrative functions. Each section has its own internal staircase, which also serves as a shared space.


Scaled to suit the pupils

The architecture strikes a delicate balance between contrasting materials and textures based on some clear overall principles. Beautiful bricks have been used outside, while the interior mainly features concrete, wood and Troldtekt acoustic panels. A general emphasis on materiality lends warmth to the rooms.

Good acoustics also make children feel comfortable and safe. Troldtekt acoustic panels on all ceilings importantly create a sense of visual coherence across different levels and the school as a whole. For example, on entering the intermediate (years 4–6) section, the experience is that of a school within the school, and one that is clearly organised and tailored to the social and academic needs of this specific age group.