Renovation leads to improved well-being

Gl. Lindholm School in Nørresundby has been renovated and modernised, giving students a better indoor climate and a revitalised learning environment.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in educational institution

Aalborg Municipality went to great lengths to improve the indoor climate in classrooms for the school’s middle and upper year students, in particular, as well as selected specialty rooms and the staff room. All classrooms have had mechanical ventilation installed – an Airmaster system that ensures the air in each room is regularly replaced, improving the physical conditions for the students.

The project also integrated the acoustic solution from the outset, so it is part of the holistic experience and look of each room. This has included installing white Troldtekt Plus acoustic panels on the ceilings for effective sound absorption. The result of the acoustic solutions is that students are not unnecessarily fatigued by noise. The classroom lighting has also been improved.


Long-term solutions

ERIK arkitekter in Aalborg is often involved in renovating school buildings, and they understand how to preserve and renovate buildings, rather than demolishing them. It can be complicated to install ventilation, for example, in older buildings, but Gl. Lindholm School from the 1950s was built from essentially sound materials and fits into its surroundings. 

It has been a priority when choosing new materials to ensure the products are sustainable and have a long service life. There has been a desire to create cohesive learning environments, and the renovation has modernised the interior design in such a way that the settings are suitable for differentiated learning. This has been achieved in part using specially designed furniture for group work and contemplation.