A rewarding gaze upwards in a new school building

The ceilings are a particular design highlight of the new primary school in the Probstheida district of Leipzig.

While for many years the pupils and teachers of the 31st primary school in the Probstheida district of Leipzig had to make do with a portacabin, now they can at last learn and grow in a modern, spacious new build.

Three-storey new build with an impressive brick base

The city of Leipzig has built a three-storey school with a dual sports hall in Thierschstraße – roughly five kilometres from the city centre – designed by Hobusch + Kuppart architects, with the two buildings connected by a single-storey brick base. The dark bricks are laid vertically, with protruding stones which significantly enliven the façade. In terms of colour, the stones form a striking contrast with the light plasterwork of the top floors. The complex also includes a bright inner courtyard, a spacious forecourt and grounds for play and sport.

Plenty of space for 500 children

Open plan and flooded with light, the primary school and its connected after-school facility now has enough space for around 500 children in total. Wide steps lead to state-of-the-art classrooms, and spacious hallways and corridors as well as a capacious dining hall accentuate the sense of openness.

Sophisticated design accents

Light-coloured floors and walls combined with stairways, doors and other elements in natural wood create a calm, uncluttered atmosphere. The imaginative drawings on some of the doors and partition walls are by schoolchildren and make for sophisticated design features.

The ceilings are another key element of the design. In the dining hall countless white, round elements catch the eye most effectively, while the ceiling in the sports hall is reminiscent of an accordion. Acoustic ceilings are installed in the school’s hallways, classrooms, washrooms and sports hall to match the colour scheme of the walls and floors.