Compact cube for the school landscape

The extension of the Tellkampfschule in Hanover blends harmoniously into the idyllic ensemble and enables learning in a feel-good atmosphere close to nature.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in schools and educational institutions

Many pupils and teachers can only dream of such a school location:  Built in 1956 and now listed, the Tellkampfschule Gymnasium in the Lower Saxony capital of Hanover is located in a central, yet idyllic setting, on a large, tree-covered plot not far from Lake Maschsee.


Compact solid construction

Since 2022, a four-storey extension has been harmoniously integrated into the overall ensemble of several individual buildings joined by single-storey corridors in the southern part of the site.  The architectural firm SEP Architekten, commissioned by the city with the planning and construction, has implemented a compact solid building with nesting aids for bats and swifts integrated into the façade made of light lime sandstone masonry. The cube also has a planted flat roof and a solar power system.


Modern and flooded with light

Large square windows with external textile sun protection give the new building a clear structure and allow lots of light into the interior, taking into account the requirements regarding accessibility and inclusion (accessibility, toilet facilities, room acoustics, lighting intensity). On a gross floor area of more than 2,400 square metres, there are modern teaching and differentiation rooms, a school library, an educational kitchen for children with special needs, sanitary facilities as well as archive and storage areas. The classrooms are arranged around open learning zones.


A view of nature

Special floor-to-ceiling windows provide a wide view of the idyllic “Tellkampf landscape” against wide steps. Nature outside is reflected inside through the generous use of wood in the hallways, stairwells and common areas. Brown floors provide an intentional contrast to doors and furniture, as well as window frames in lighter wood. The warm colours chosen here help to create a cosy atmosphere. In the classrooms, on the other hand, light linoleum floors and walls in combination with white tables form a clear contrast to the black chairs, creating a simple yet high-quality backdrop. Acoustic panels in natural wood colour are used on the suspended ceilings with mounted lamps to match the overall design concept.