School refectory with feel-good factor

School children and teachers at the Reventlou School in the Düsternbrook district of Kiel enjoy a modern new refectory.

Schools have long been much more than simply places to learn: they represent a safe space for schoolchildren, a place in which they can develop and spend much of their time, even beyond the time spent in the classroom. Eating together is an important part of this and is most enjoyable in a modern refectory that meets the highest standards of both comfort and functionality –

like the new refectory at the Reventlou School in Kiel, which boasts an improved, more contemporary design for the all-day, three-form primary school with around 300 children.


A single-storey brick building with flat roof and numerous windows

The Schleswig-Holstein state capital has completed an inviting, attractive single-storey building that successfully incorporates the clinker brick façade and cantilevered flat roof into the existing school buildings. Inside, in addition to the refectory and kitchen located behind folding shutters, there are washrooms and an event hall with a stage.

The floor-to-ceiling glazing in the refectory affords a capacious view out while letting plenty of light stream through.


Light wood and colourful accents

The window frames and all of the fixtures and furniture are made of light wood, creating a warm, natural contrast to the white plastered walls. Red chairs and curtains add colour, creating highlights against the dark speckled floor. The ceiling, fitted with acoustic panels made of wood wool, completes the overall design perfectly and accentuates the natural, feel-good atmosphere throughout the entire new build.