Respectful renovation

Since the oldest buildings were first built in 1943, Kirkebjerg School in Vanløse has been enlarged numerous times. Now, a thorough renovation and modernisation programme has ensured energy optimisation, new functions and learning environments, which have all been beautifully and sensitively integrated with the existing buildings.

Troldtekt, Kirkebjerg School
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The school is entered through the listed main building, which has an extremely elegant three-storey hall. Dating back to 1943, this building has been very carefully renovated, among other things to make better use of the corridors and passageways. Many of the school’s classrooms are housed close to the main building in separate facilities, including a brand new structure on the other side of the playground. The architects KANT Arkitekter A/S handled the extensive renovation and restoration work, energy optimisation, indoor climate improvements and climate adaptation. In fact, educational buildings are one of firm’s specialist areas.

Improved acoustics with Troldtekt
Many of the classrooms needed extensive renovation, including the school’s two sports halls and adjoining changing facilities. Now the ceilings and some of the walls have been clad with Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood, which blend in perfectly with the overall architecture and use. The changing rooms have been given a facelift with new tiles, Troldtekt ceilings as well as new furniture, and appear fresh and inviting. The acoustics in the specialist classrooms for handcrafts and design and woodwork have also been improved through the installation of Troldtekt on the ceilings. The lighting is neatly incorporated into the ceiling surfaces to create a sense of unity throughout. In renovating each section, the architects have carefully considered the building’s materiality, so that the end result is both aesthetic and functional.