Køge Business College

When Køge Business School needed to be enlarged, Witraz Architects were commissioned to design the right solution in terms of creating a modern educational addition as well as a flexible environment.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect MAA

The new 3600 square metre winged extension is directly connected to the existing building and provides easy access for the students. It is designed for a new kind of teaching which means that half the teaching takes place in the classroom and the other half in group rooms, together with flexible areas where the students can study individually or in groups.

Besides embracing the new ways of teaching, the internal environment has played an essential role in the design of the new wing. Witraz Architects, who have a lot of experience with renovation projects, aimed at creating the best, future-proof design and layout. Architect Sidsel Blegvad from Witraz calls it long-term sustainability and for this reason the building has been constructed with columns and light, removable fibre reinforced concrete infill panels. This means that there are no bearing walls, which makes it easier in future to change the layout for different purposes.

The classrooms face west and this minimises solar gain which in turn reduces the need for cooling. Architecturally, the sloping “façade wings” work very well and inside the sloping walls help to reduce echoes.

White Troldtekt acoustic panels have been installed throughout and help emphasise the bright and open study environment. The white ceilings create a link between the different types of rooms while the floors in the walking and study zones are executed in two different shades of grey. The panels are ideal for ensuring good acoustics in classrooms as well as in the more open common rooms.

“With sustainability in mind, Troldtekt was a natural choice,” says Sidsel Blegvad. “Troldtekt is what it is – a simple and honest material.”