Ladelund Independent Boarding School

The Ladelund Independent Boarding School for Secondary Students is characterized by its traditional, turn of the century red brick buildings. Now, the school has a charming new dining hall added which was designed by Tegnestuen Mejeriet A/S. Architect MAA and partner Finn Smidt says:

Troldtekt, Ladelund Boarding School
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect MAA

“In 2007, we conceived an overall design for Ladelund School. In this plan, there were two sites where the new dining hall could be placed. After much thought, it was decided that it should be joined to the main building, mainly due to the fact that the kitchen and old dining hall were already there and also so it could form part of the attractive east-facing park.”

The new dining hall has been designed as a light, circular building clad in black-painted wood to contrast with the heavier main brick building. The new and the old have very different identities and do not compete against each other, even though they are joined with a glass connecting corridor.

The dining hall is a lively room in close contact with its surroundings and with a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that is also well-suited for encouraging leisure activities. The windows vary in size and have been designed to provide great views both of the courtyard and the trees in the park.  The interior is warm with ample daylight and, thanks to Troldtekt, excellent acoustics which make the room perfect for cultural events.

Architect Finn Smidt adds:
“We found Troldtekt to be a natural choice since the material – besides its great acoustic properties – also underpins the bright expression and creates a nice contrast to the wooden panels on the walls and the dark linoleum on the floor.”