The school: a new centre for Lundtofte

The pupils of Lundtofte Skole have a ‘new school’, which in many ways lives up to more modern requirements in terms of learning spaces, facilities and the indoor climate. The original character of the school has been sensitively preserved.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in schools and educational institutions
Photo: Laura Stamer

The extensive refurbishment of Lundtofte Skole has followed two tracks. One concerns the classroom wing, which has been given a significant facelift. Here, the classic row of classrooms has been modified to create intermediate zones. The corridor has been turned into an active space for group work, for example, as well as cloakroom facilities for each class.

Another nice detail is the rounded corner of the niche and a large wood window section for the classroom’s new cosy corner, introducing more light into the long corridor. In the corridor and all the classrooms, white Troldtekt ceilings have been installed to create a better indoor climate.


Multifunctional cultural centre

The second track concerns the new cultural centre, nestled between two wings parallel to the school library and classrooms. The spacious room is divided into two by a large folding door and is used daily for morning assembly, music classes or for schoolwork in small groups.

The extension is built of glulam structures with large windows overlooking the playground. Both halves of the space feature an actual staircase or amphi-like structure, suitable for seating during large events, which could include public lectures or concerts. The cultural centre features black Troldtekt line ceilings and stone floors – robust, textural surfaces that perfectly complement the existing brick walls and wooden structures.