School architecture for children

The newly built Mörrum School benefits both pupils and external users. It was built in a child-friendly design with creative workshops and a new sports hall. Troldtekt acoustic panels in exposed T-profiles form part of the school’s architecture.

Troldtekt acoustic ceilings in educational institution

Mörrum School in the Swedish municipality of Karlshamn is a newly-built school with 6,000 square metres of floor space, accommodating around 550 pupils up to sixth grade.

The school was ready to receive pupils at the start of the school year in August 2022, replacing Hästarydsskolen and Bolsgården in the area. A sports hall in the same design has also been built next to the school building – to the delight of students and the city’s sports clubs.

The buildings were designed by FOJAB Arkitekter.


A school from a child’s perspective

Throughout the entire process, the vision was to design Mörrum School from a child’s perspective focusing on children’s size, needs and way of thinking – and the result can be seen in the architecture.

Each year of around 75 students has its own wing, called a 'home', to create a safe environment with classrooms and flexible communal areas. They have their own entrance and kitchen. The second floor has a library, creative workshops, music rooms and a dining room.

The school building itself consists of six connected buildings on two floors. On the outside, the school has a characteristic roof structure that complements the facade’s classic falu red colour.

Inside, it's designed as one large learning environment with rooms of varying sizes and for different purposes. There are also small nooks and social meeting places. As a special feature, the school has no corridors at all, concentrating on being a learning environment, and is also shoe-free.

Charlotte Kristensson, architect SAR/MSA at FOJAB Arkitekter, explains what she is most satisfied with about the project:

"That we were able to work with a child’s perspective throughout the project, as we were responsible for the design of the school building, interior design and the outdoor environment."


Troldtekt T profile system

In terms of design, the interior and exterior are linked together by the fact that the red colour from the facade is reflected on the floors in linoleum and tiles. Otherwise, colours were light and with plenty of daylight from all sides.

To ensure good acoustics for the many pupils and teachers at the school every day, Troldtekt acoustic panels were chosen for the school’s ceilings.

Charlotte Kristensson says about the choice of Troldtekt:

"We wanted a robust and durable material, especially in the changing rooms, where we had to deal with acoustic requirements and moisture from wet outerwear on rainy days. And it happens to be a beautiful material."

The Troldtekt acoustic panels are in natural wood and have been installed in a visible T-profile system. The profile system is made of aluminium with the panels mounted in the profiles without the use of tools.

In addition to the extra design factor, a Troldtekt T-profile system has the advantage of being able to dismantle the ceiling, and it conceals technical installations.