A facelift for the primary school

Hamburg is growing - and thus also the need for bigger school buildings.

Troldtekt acoustic panels have unique sound-absorbing properties and ensure superior acoustics in, for example, schools and educational institutions
Photo: Torben Weiß

As part of the Hanseatic city’s school development plan and under the motto “Good space for good learning”, the Potsdamer Straße primary school in the north eastern district of Rahlstedt has been extended. The full-time state school has a new office and administration building, including a library.

The Hamburg-based asdfg-Architekten managed to bring the existing school building, paths and playgrounds into a harmonious relationship with each other with the help of the two-storey clinker construction, thus giving the school a facelift. The compact entrance building complements the existing buildings and fits into the surroundings perfectly.

All of the public areas can be accessed directly from the foyer on the ground floor. The corridor, which cannot be seen from the outside, is painted in warm and welcoming colours to create a peaceful area for the school administration. The top floor accommodates the staff and meeting rooms with a staff balcony as well as the “Leseland” library and common room for the pupils. All of the rooms are bathed in light thanks to the large windows and can be used for a range of functions. Narrow and broader oblong skylights integrated into the ceilings ensure optimal lighting of all the rooms.

Not only do the Troldtekt ceiling panels perfectly match the light brown flooring, they also provide maximum soundproofing and fire protection. In addition, the acoustic panels are made of 100% natural wood and cement, and so are particularly sustainable and contribute to a healthy indoor climate.