Ringkøbing School and Music School

With 900 pupils, Ringkøbing school in Western Denmark is one of the largest and oldest schools in Denmark. It has now been extended and the designers have created a lively environment with open spaces and new rooms for many different activities.

Photo: Thomas Mølvig and Helene Høyer Mikkelsen

The exterior is an attractive composition of red brick and glass facades, while inside there is a large square with access to the cafeteria, library, multipurpose hall and music rooms.

Architect Svend Åge Christensen from the architectural firm Frost Larsen A/S comments :

A large roof identifies the main entrance and its common centre which provides the link between the old and the new. The rooms for study are on the first floor while downstairs caters for socialising and more noisy activity.

Good acoustics are crucial in the design of a modern school. Here, the linoleum floors and the cement-bonded wood wool panels on the ceilings all contribute to a pleasant sound environment in the corridors and the large central rooms. The pupils also contribute to better acoustics as they take off their shoes before entering the school s – which also makes cleaning much easier! ”

The combination of Troldtekt and ceilings with wooden strips covers an area of approximately 1400 sqm and is an untraditional solution with several advantages. Svend Åge Christensen says:

“I am particularly pleased with the acoustic and aesthetic qualities of the ceiling. This fits the multifunctional purposes of the school as well as the architecture. Primarily, we chose Troldtekt because of the  product’s extraordinary acoustic properties. However, the client wanted the ceiling to be removable in order to access easily the installations behind the ceiling. The solution was prefabricated suspended ceilings with parallel wooden fillets installed beneath. This combination is a way to refine the product and show new options which, in my opinion, considerably improves the aesthetics.”