Sound learning at new academy

Troldtekt - UCL Academy Swiss Cottage
Photo: Tim Crocker

Apart from the quality of teaching, good acoustics is a prime requirement for schools which can be very noisy environments. Simple solutions are available and London’s new UCL Academy is a good example where Troldtekt acoustic panels have been specified by architects Penoyre and Prasad. Any potential noise pollution from open spaces or classrooms has been solved by installing Troldtekt acoustic panels on the ceilings. These also contribute towards the school achieving its BREEAM rating of Excellent.

At six storeys high, the Academy fulfils its role as an important civic landmark in the community. It curves around a large south facing outdoor space which is the circulation hub for arriving staff and students and from which they disperse to the five ‘households’ which make up the Academy. Each of the five has its own social and pastoral centre and a ‘superstudio’ as the centre of its learning resource. The upper floors offer fine views and roof terraces are provided wherever possible to facilitate additional learning and social opportunities on the tight site.