VUC Sønderborg

In 2009, it was decided to extend the local adult educational centre of VUC Sønderborg. This was because it was too small and its layout unsuitable for modern teaching.

Troldtekt, VUC Sønderborg
Photo: Thomas Mølvig, architect

Consequently, an architectural competition was arranged and Kai Østergaard Jensen from ZENI Architects elegantly succeeded in transforming the traditional 1937 school building into a modern centre of excellence for learning. COWI was the engineer and the general contractor Bo Michelsen A/S from Tønder, Denmark.

The area has been more than doubled with a new wing added, designed to create a particularly exciting connection between the new and the old as well as a new main entrance. The inside of the building is surprisingly dynamic. The old building has changed completely and the entire place hums with activity. In the centre is a new atrium, open all the way up to the fourth floor, which helps generate a sense of positive energy and spaciousness.  

In the old school, the acoustics were very poor and it was crucial that they should be first class in the new extension. Consequently, the architects and engineers installed Troldtekt Plus on almost all of the ceilings. Above these, batts have been installed to absorb the low tones while in all of the rooms much effort has been put into creating the very best sound environment.

A large winding staircase connects the floors where there are balconies facing the open atrium and many different views and experiences. Inside two cylindrical towers, there are small meeting places while the classrooms are located along the outside walls to encourage  plenty of daylight. Clearly, the students and staff thrive in this relaxing setting which has been designed with a focus on creating an exciting and very functional building with many interesting details.