West Cheshire College, UK

West Cheshire College has constructed two new buildings at its Ellesmere Port and Handbridge campuses. Bond Bryan Architects developed the two new schemes in parallel with each other to cater for vocational students of different trades who are able to work alongside each other.

Troldtekt, West Chesire College

The new building at the Handbridge Campus comprises 6,720 sqm over three floors, with a large central area. It includes a two-storey project court, large enough for vocational students of various construction trades to be able to build a house.

At Handridge, a major contribution to the comfort and performance of the building is achieved with the use of Troldtekt acoustic tiles on the ceilings and some areas of the walls. This was vital because of the high noise levels experienced from the various craft work taking place, such as woodworking and metalwork. 

The architects’ project technologist Paul Shaw says, ‘We are pleased with the performance of the acoustic tiles, not just because of their ability to reduce reverberation time but also because of their other qualities such as resistance to humidity and durability. Troldtekt tiles were recommended to us by the main contractor BAM who had previously specified them for other projects. The aesthetics of the product were also an influencing factor in our specifying it – very much appropriate to the workshop environment.’  In addition, the sustainability of Troldtekt tiles is recognised with certification at Silver level within the Cradle to Cradle concept.  

Through this unique method of allowing students to build a house on-site, West Cheshire College aims to maximise performance by enabling and motivating young people to learn in different ways.