Newly built swimming pool for people of all ages

Falun in Sweden has got a new indoor swimming pool, Lugnets Badhus, which combines exercise, competition, play and well-being in a light and functional setting.

Troldtekt acoustic panels withstand moisture and are therefore very suitable as acoustic ceiling and wall cladding in, for example, swimming pools

Falun’s existing swimming pool was built in 1972. It would have needed major renovation work if it was to satisfy both the wishes of its bathing guests and environmental requirements. The city council chose insead to build a completely new indoor swimming pool, Lugnets Badhus, which perfectly satisfies contemporary requirements for a swimming pool.

Lugnets Badhus is located in an area with several sports facilities and is aimed at people of all ages. There is space for play, exercise and competition, recovery therapies and well-being in the various pools and areas. These are spread over a total of one thousand square metres of water surface. There is also a sauna area.

The project was designed by Liljewall Arkitekter.


Troldtekt – part of the design

The swimming pool's design is light and simple. Its white surfaces are complemented by the extensive use of wood panelling on the walls to produce a harmonious and warm expression.

Troldtekt line design in natural wood was chosen for the wall surfaces in the foyer and reception area. This brings good acoustics into a potentially noisy environment that is frequented by many swimmers.

The Troldtekt line design solution features milled grooves of varying widths, installed so that the grooves are vertically aligned.