Stunning contrasts on a large scale

Surrounded by greenery, the new red sports hall is used by the nearby school Lundehusskolen as well as local athletes. The large hall has been designed to provide the best possible physical facilities, but also as an architecturally coherent building.

Troldtekt Lundehus Sports Hall
Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelsen, architect

The floor in the sports hall is covered with court marking lines for handball, indoor football, badminton, basketball and many other games.  The floor is a pleasant red colour, which contrasts well with the green trees outside the windows. The vast space is very simply furnished, yet with a number of distinctive details.

The hall can be divided into two or three sections by means of walls that fold down from the ceiling. Sports halls often have very little daylight, but here it is used to considerable effect. One gable has large window sections that overlook a green area, while large windows along the sides look out on either the green outdoors or the arrival area. In other words, you can follow what is going on in the hall from the passage area or from wooden benches along one side.

Well-designed acoustics

Daylight also flows into the hall through skylights in the ceiling, flooding the entire space. At the same time, the skylights are designed for both comfort and fire ventilation. Like the indoor climate, the acoustics were an important parameter in the design of the sports hall, says Kenneth Hansen from Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects. Therefore, the long sides of the hall are angled slightly towards each other to break the sound.

In the upper part of the sports hall, Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels in natural wood are used to regulate the sound. In other words, Troldtekt ensures coherence on the ceilings and part of the way down the walls between the white concrete columns. In addition to comfortable acoustics, the Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood also add warmth to the look as well as creating a fine contrast with the white walls, columns and skylight shafts.