Revitalised for an architecturally coherent feel

Nyborg swimming and water park has undergone extensive refurbishment to create a more welcoming look as well as a new identity.

Photo: Helene Høyer Mikkelse, architect MAA

The consistent use of grey aluminium panels has resulted in an architecturally coherent exterior. The facade and roof have been optimised to conserve energy, and the swimming centre’s ventilation and water treatment systems have also been revamped.

The light conditions in the swimming centre have been significantly enhanced with new window sections. The changing rooms have been fully renovated and, as the finishing touch to the project, a new viewing gallery has been integrated into the facade along the competition pool.

Interior facades

The visual idiom of the facade, styled with vertical aluminium panels, is echoed on the interior wall surfaces where Troldtekt acoustic panels in natural wood have been installed vertically on several walls in a dynamic mix of very long panels and square panels.  The panels have the sharp K0-U edge – a detail you notice when viewing the panels at eye level. The Troldtekt panels are intended to create good acoustics around the pools, while the warm colour of the wood also adds a pleasing texturality to these spaces. From the foyer, the pools have been visually opened up, reinforcing the connection between outside and inside, and welcoming you as you arrive.

“Troldtekt acoustic panels were a natural choice, as we have used Troldtekt with good results in similar projects, including the recently renovated and expanded Roskilde baths,” according to architect Helge Bonde Eriksen, of CREO Arkitekter A/S.