Outdoor activity centre in beautiful landscape

Silkeborg Trailcenter is a beautifully designed longhouse with timeless qualities.

Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels ensure superior acoustics in sports architecture

The landscape around Silkeborg is world-class, consisting of extremely hilly terrain with wooded hills shaped by the ice ages and intersected by the winding course of the Gudenåen river.  The many lakes – small and large – make up a true paradise for wildlife, and the Slåensø lake is Denmark’s cleanest lake. In fact, you can drink the water directly. Nearby is the tallest tree in the Nordic region – a Douglas fir towering at 53.7 metres.

It is therefore only natural that Silkeborg should brand itself as the Outdoor Capital of Denmark. Boasting numerous hiking routes, challenging running terrain and perfect trails for mountain bikers, the city is simply an ideal starting point for outdoor experiences.  The new Silkeborg Trailcenter is situated on the southern outskirts of Silkeborg and appeals to a wide range of users, including private individuals, clubs and associations, schools and senior centres.

With an inner core of cast-in-place concrete, the building is designed as black-painted wooden longhouse. Contrasting the otherwise stringent architecture, the main entrance is in the distinct shape of an arch consisting of black wooden slats – a particularly welcoming feature. A south-facing terrace offers shelter against the sun and rain.

Inside the building, a light and airy communal space takes up an impressive 80 square metres, with direct access to the terrace. The ceiling is clad in Troldtekt in natural wood to align with the simple and informal architecture.

A high-ceilinged corridor connects everything, including a pleasant meeting room for club members with adjacent kitchen facilities, toilets and changing rooms. The choice of materials is carefully coordinated, and the building is well worth a visit – by bike or otherwise.