Award-winning design line for architectural freedom

The line of Troldtekt design solutions has garnered many awards since its launch in 2019: An ICONIC Award and a German Design Award – and also as finalist in the Danish Design Award. In autumn 2020, the line will have the chance to take home a German materialPREIS award.

Read about the solutions and watch the video, where Troldtekt’s in-house architect, Michael Christensen, shares his thoughts behind the design line.

The entire line of Troldtekt design solutions made it to the finals of the Danish Design Award 2020. This year, the award show was held in June and online due to the coronavirus situation. And although it did take home an award, Troldtekt’s design line garnered high praise from the jury:

“This design solution uses existing materials from local sources to offer new possibilities for creating good acoustic environments. This line of products is a well-rounded solution to the constant challenge of creating acoustically comfortable environments that people enjoy living in.

Troldtekt design solutions were a finalist in the ‘Feel good – Product’ category. The category is for “solutions that are highly aesthetic or elegant while providing a useful function”.

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It’s all about the planar surface

In 2019 – the year of its launch – the design line won two prestigious German design awards: the ICONIC Awards 2019 and the German Design Award 2020. The excellent reception by the architect market inspires pride, as the line was developed precisely to give architects a broader creative scope.

“For architects, it is a classic discipline to use standard products to design something unique or with special character. This is the challenge that our new design line is trying to address,” says Troldtekt’s in-house architect, Michael Christensen, who designed the new solutions.

He explains that during development, the premise was that it should be possible to produce the new design solutions industrially so that they could be made available at competitive prices. The products are designed to give ceiling and wall surfaces a seamless look.

“Designer Søren Vester dropped by, and something he said ended up inspiring my work with the various designs. ‘It’s not about the panel, but about the planar surface,’ he said, and this sums up the new line nicely. Each solution is intended to form a complete acoustic surface, whether large or small,” says Michael Christensen.

From Nordic to expressive

Originally, the idea was to launch three new designs, but the line ended up comprising nine solutions.

"We’ve decided to launch a wide range of solutions to offer the maximum amount of architectural freedom. The goal of the design line is to appeal to architects who want the chance to design interiors out of the ordinary, but who also have to stay within a reasonable budget,” says Michael Christensen.

“We’ve sought to create a marriage of form and function in a wide range of products. Some of the solutions dovetail perfectly with Nordic design – with straight lines and angles – while others are more expressive,” he continues.

You can meet Michael Christensen in this video, where he talks about his thoughts behind the line in connection with the nomination for Danish Design Award.