Intimate restaurant experience with Troldtekt® line

At Restaurant Strandtangen in the Danish town of Skive, honest Nordic food goes hand in hand with an elegant and stylish interior.

The centrepiece is the black acoustic ceilings with milled grooves, which create a very special atmosphere.

Søren Vester, who designed the restaurant, calls it ‘quite brilliant’ that Troldtekt line removes the boundaries between the acoustic panels, making the surface a seamless whole. He also values the solution’s sustainable advantages.

The smell of the sea. An elegant and timeless interior. The taste of food made from excellent ingredients. That is what you can expect when you visit Restaurant Strandtangen in Skive. The restaurant lies beside the fjord, and offers gastronomic experiences featuring the best Danish cuisine, in a beautiful setting.

“We prepare food without bells and whistles. It is Nordic style, with all the good, local ingredients that entails,” explains restaurant manager Maria Nørgaard, who leases the premises together with her husband Halldor Asmundsson.

Received some TLC

Halldor, who is originally from Iceland, has worked as a chef at a string of restaurants. He needed no time for reflection back in 2014 when he took over Restaurant Strandtangen. However, after a number of years, the site needed a breath of fresh air, and the restaurant was transformed into a fine example of Danish design during a holiday period.

“The restaurant needed some TLC. We wanted it to be a more inviting setting for social interaction, while allowing guests to enjoy scenic views and good food,” says Maria. The couple therefore contacted designer Søren Vester.

The result of the partnership is an intimate restaurant with dark oak floors and black Troldtekt acoustic panels on ceilings and walls, giving it an exclusive, elegant look.

Design with lines and shadow play

Despite the restaurant’s simplicity, it is clear that every detail in the interior design has been carefully considered. For example, the black leather sofa has been elegantly built into the wall. The Troldtekt acoustic panels are also a key element, and the design solution Troldtekt line was chosen.

“The black acoustic panels with milled lengthwise grooves are the focal point. They create a lovely shadow play, and a spatial experience that allows guests to immerse themselves in the food, the conversation and the beautiful view,” says designer Søren Vester.

“The stylish look can be seen everywhere. For example, serving staff wear rustic leather aprons that complement the interiors superbly.

A restaurant with personality

Together with Maria and Halldor, Søren Vester has also sought to ensure that the interior design reflects the restaurant menu and the personality of the owners.

“When you enter the restaurant, you immediately feel welcome. This is largely due to Maria and Halldor’s great hospitality, which is underscored by the interior,” says Søren Vester.

Examples of this include the warm fire in the fireplace, the subdued lighting and the large glass-walled wine room, which creates an atmosphere of elegance and exclusivity. The menu at Restaurant Strandtangen is also subtly reflected in the interior design.

“The fjord plays a major role at the restaurant – as the scenic backdrop and in the menu. If you look closely you can also see it in the interior, which has a maritime look and beautiful pictures of Limfjord landscapes,” says Søren Vester.

Restaurant Strandtangen

Interview: Why the designer chose Troldtekt line

Søren Vester feels strongly about choosing sustainable materials, and is also very excited about the Troldtekt line design solution, which transforms the surface into a whole. (Photo: Andreas Houmann)

"Rooms that you cannot talk in are rooms that you cannot live in. As I often say, ‘happy people are noisy people’, and a good sound environment is therefore very important."

Designer Søren Vester

“I think it’s great to see how Troldtekt has challenged and developed its core product in a new design solution. It’s made of the same simple material, but Troldtekt has experimented with the acoustic panels and used them to create an exciting new look. Troldtekt line removes the boundaries between acoustic panels, making the surface a seamless whole. It’s quite brilliant in my view.”


“As a designer, my job is to create new things. But I want to change people’s perceptions, such that we contribute more than we take away. This can be difficult in our consumer society, but I can take an important step by choosing sustainable solutions, and Troldtekt is a reliable choice in this respect. If you want to change the interior design one day, the acoustic panels can be easily dismantled. And the cost of the solution is within everyone’s reach. This is very appealing as a professional designer looking for the right materials.

“All rooms are for people, so when I start working on a new interior design I look at how I can cater for human senses. One of these is hearing, and acoustic improvements are therefore always part of my solutions. Rooms that you cannot talk in are rooms that you cannot live in. As I often say, ‘happy people are noisy people’, and a good sound environment is therefore very important. Acoustic solutions must never be add-ons to the room, but must be thought-out and integrated solutions on walls and ceilings.”