Award-winning design for intimacy and elegance

Troldtekt design solutions combine superior acoustics with distinctive aesthetics – two elements that are key to giving restaurant-goers superlative experiences.

In 2021, the entire design series was among the winners at the ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards.

Interiors, lighting, furniture and surfaces all contribute to creating the right ambience and mood at a bar or restaurant.

Architects and designers have realised that Troldtekt’s design solutions give them a free hand to create distinctive ceiling and wall surfaces – while at the same time solving the acoustic challenges that can otherwise spoil a visit to a crowded restaurant. Troldtekt design solutions have been installed in intimate sushi restaurants and charming beer bars as well as a wide range of more classic restaurants.

The design solutions make it possible to combine distinctive and characterful design with superior acoustics. Each solution can be varied and scaled to make large surfaces appear visually coherent. And architects have a range of solutions to choose from depending on their taste – from a Nordic design with straight lines to more expressive and colourful options.

The most beautiful wall design

In 2021, the design solutions were in the limelight at the ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards, which celebrate beautiful design. Here, Troldtekt design solutions won an award in the Wanddesign für Ausbau und Interior (interior design, lighting and furniture) category.

“It was a great honour for us to be among the award-winners. Restaurants and bars are places where our design solutions can make a big difference to both the acoustics and the ambience,” says Jesper Kvist, Country Manager at Troldtekt GmbH.

More awards since launch

The ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars’ awards are presented by the publisher Callwey in collaboration with a number of partners. They include the Association of German Interior Architects/Designers and the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA). All the winning entries are featured in a beautiful book published by Callwey.

“Many thanks to Callwey and the other partners for highlighting beautiful design. Not least in the wake of the corona lockdowns, restaurants and bars deserve some positive attention,” says Jesper Kvist.

Troldtekt design solutions also won a German Design Award in 2020 and an ICONIC Award in 2019.

FACTS: ‘Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021’

  • The awards honour restaurants, bars, bistros and cafés. Architects, planners and restaurateurs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland were invited to enter their best projects.
  • In addition, 13 companies have been honoured for this year’s solutions, including Troldtekt GmbH in the wall design category.
  • The awards are organised by the publisher Callwey in collaboration with the Association of German Interior Architects/Designers and the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA), the international trade fair for hotels, restaurants, catering, baking and confectionery (INTERNORGA) as well as the media partners AHGZ Allgemeine Hotel- und Gastronomie-Zeitung, the German magazine for hospitality, design and culture SALON and the architecture magazine Baumeister.
  • All the winners are featured in the yearbook Die schönsten Restaurants & Bars 2021. Read more and order the book on the Callwey website.