Guide: Experience gastronomy with good acoustics in Aarhus

The food and wine scene in Aarhus is both vibrant and varied. From trendy cafés and wine bars in the cobbled streets of the Latin Quarter near the city centre to gourmet restaurants in the new Aarhus Docklands district.

This guide gives you an overview of eateries in Aarhus that – in addition to their gastronomy – have also gone out of their way to create a pleasant atmosphere with superior acoustics. Bon appétit!


Did you know that restaurants can lose a star in food reviews if noise and unpleasant acoustics spoil the dining experience? That’s a fact, according to the food writer Morten Vilsbæk, who is a member of the Association of Danish Food Critics (Danske Madanmeldere).

Even though the food, wine and service are still top of the food critics’ checklist, there is a growing focus on how acoustics and sound levels influence the overall dining experience.

Read more about this in an interview with Morten Vilsbæk, a food writer with Avisen Danmark, here.

Voilá – restaurants and cafés with superior acoustics

The guide lists wonderful eateries in Aarhus. Common to them all are their elegant interior design and the contribution made by Troldtekt acoustic ceilings to the pleasant atmosphere.