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Proven sustainable buildings benefit the environment, indoor climate, user-friendliness, well-being and operating costs. In collaboration with Ramboll, Troldtekt has documented how Troldtekt acoustic solutions contribute to the leading building certifications.

The voluntary building certifications make it much more manageable to develop sustainable buildings of high quality. The certifications are a big plus for the people who will use the buildings, for the environment and for the owners of the buildings.

In its Sustainable Buildings Market Study from 2021, Ramboll interviewed approx. 700 Nordic, German and UK-based industry stakeholders, including architects, contractors, investors and suppliers.  Of the respondents, 94 per cent believe that sustainability is important for running a successful business, 70 per cent see carbon-neutral buildings as a priority, and the majority are already incorporating circular design into their projects.

A number of systems exist for the voluntary certification of sustainable buildings. These systems give clients and consultants specific tools for calculating what effect their various decisions and material choices has for sustainability.

How does Troldtekt contribute?

Troldtekt acoustic solutions make a positive difference to the certification of buildings. The acoustic panels are made from certified wood from Danish forests (FSC®C115450 and PEFC™) and cement from Danish mineral resources.

Troldtekt’s business strategy is based on the circular principles of the Cradle to Cradle concept, and the entire series of Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool panels – both in natural wood and painted in standard colours – is Cradle to Cradle-certified at Gold level.

In collaboration with Ramboll, Troldtekt has documented how the acoustic solutions contribute positively to the various criteria in a number of certifications: In practice, Ramboll has prepared documentation packs, which help consultants assess Troldtekt’s specific contributions. However, the weighting of the acoustic solutions in a specific building is always based on the building in question, including the other material choices. 

Download documentation packs

Troldtekt makes documentation available for the following certification schemes:

You can download the various Troldtekt documentation packs as zip files.

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