World Green Building Week 2019: Troldtekt partners with host DGNB

World Green Building Week 2019

Companies and organisations from over 100 countries will come together to raise awareness of sustainable construction during World Green Building Week on 23-29 September. DGNB – the champion of sustainable construction in Germany – will host the event, with Troldtekt as a partner.

World Green Building Week is a global event focusing on how construction can contribute to a greener world. This year’s motto is #BuildingLife, with a special focus on carbon emissions. Construction and buildings account for around 40 per cent of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions.

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SCHULBAU Berlin 2019

The SCHULBAU exhibition will be held in Berlin on 11-12 September, providing inspiration for the schools and institutions of tomorrow. See our classic acoustic solutions, as well as our award-winning new series of Troldtekt® design solutions.

In Germany, architecture for children is an exciting growth area. In Berlin alone, at least 60 new schools will be built during the next ten years, while 67 schools are expected to undergo renovation during the same period. In Germany as a whole, a pool of around 40 billion euros has been earmarked for new investment in schools, childcare institutions and campuses leading up to 2030.

And so the need has almost never been greater for focusing on quality architectural solutions when Berlin hosts the first of this autumn’s two SCHULBAU exhibitions.

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Architect@Work Stockholm 2019

Troldtekt is introducing a new design line at Architect@Work in Stockholm on 3-4 April 2019.

At Architect@Work in Stockholm, architects, interior designers and other professionals will be able to see all the latest products and innovations from a number of manufacturers that have been specially selected and approved for the trade event.

Troldtekt is one of the exhibitors in Stockholm, where we are for the first time introducing a brand new design line which is launching in spring 2019.

The new design line comprises a number of Troldtekt acoustic solutions that combine all the well-known benefits of Troldtekt acoustic panels with a wide range of flexible design options. With the new design solutions, unique and distinctive looks can be achieved on ceilings and walls without compromising on the superior acoustics.

Come and see the new Troldtekt design line at the Stockholm trade event on 3-4 April 2019. Meet us on Stand 62!

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Troldtekt, Ecobuild 2018

Ecobuild 2018

Troldtekt was represented at Ecobuild in London from 06-08 March 2018, where a Troldtekt ceiling was included in the Reversible Experience Modules (REM) exhibition, the world’s largest travelling exhibition of circularity in the built environment.

All the materials used for the exhibition have a Material Passport, which, among other things, contains information on how the materials should be disassembled and reused again.

The exhibition is organised by EPEA Netherlands, and is part of BAMB – Buildings As Material Banks.

We look forward to following the project and the travelling exhibition’s European tour.

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Troldtekt, Rising Architecture Week

Rising Architecture Week 2017

The biennale Rising Architecture Week was held on 11-15 September 2017 in the Raw Hall (Den Rå Hal) at Godsbanen in Aarhus. It was launched as an international architecture biennale in 2015, and was the main architectural event during Aarhus 2017 – European Capital of Culture.

The focal point of the 2017 biennale was to discuss how architecture can play a significant role in creating innovative solutions to the challenges faced by society, and the event featured both workshops, lectures and other activities.

Here you can see a collection of 21 videos in which Daan Roosegarde, Tinna C. Larsen and other keynotes from the conference present their most important and useful ideas for a better and more sustainable society.

The Rising Architecture Week also featured an impressive Troldtekt installation created by the German architects’ collective Raumlabor. The Raumlabor installation saw Troldtekt acoustic panels being used in new and exciting ways – as up to five-metre-high ‘card houses’ stacked in different patterns.

The installation extended the length of the large conference area, and acted both as partitioning and as an acoustic element. The Troldtekt card houses were used to divide the conference area into smaller sections with inviting and pleasant areas for reflection and discussion for the many visitors, while also ensuring pleasant acoustics.
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Architect@Work Copenhagen 2016

ARCHITECT @ WORK is an innovation event where architects and interior designers can be inspired, learn about current issues and exchange experiences in a unique and innovative exhibition layout. In 2016, the event was carried out in Copenhagen under the theme "Wood and Architecture". 

To ensure that only innovations and new products were presented, all products showcased had first been approved by a judging panel of architetcs and interior designers. The panel assessed the products based on their degree of innovation.

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