Strong partnership between DGNB and Troldtekt at BAU 2019

Troldtekt’s focus on sustainable building was very much in evidence at the recently held BAU 2019 trade fair in Munich.

At BAU, the world’s leading trade fair for architecture and materials, Troldtekt participated as a cooperation partner of DGNB – the German Sustainable Building Council.

Troldtekt exhibited on a stand which DGNB had built specifically for BAU 2019. Sustainable is the new normal, was the theme of the stand which, completely in line with the message, was built exclusively from certified sustainable materials. After the fair, the materials will be recycled in so far as possible.

Troldtekt contributed 42 baffles, which were suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition hall. The baffles were painted in the DGNB colours, and one of them was CNC-milled with the DGNB logo, drawing attention to the stand from a distance.

Acoustic baffles are a flexible acoustic solution with considerable acoustic effect – and the 42 baffles from the stand will now be installed at DGNB’s head office in Stuttgart.

Round table on circular economy
Tina Snedker Kristensen, Troldtekt’s head of marketing and communications, participated at BAU as one of the experts brought together by DGNB for a series of talks and round table discussions about sustainability.

The panel included (from left to right) Christine Lemaitre (CEO of DGNB), Tina Snedker Kristensen (head of marketing and communications at Troldtekt A/S), Alexander Geißels (head of ISOVER Akademie und Anwendungstechnik), Dr Anna Braune (head of development and research projects at DGNB) and Martin Pauli (head of Foresight Consulting at Arup Deutschland GmbH).

After a short presentation by Christine Lemaitre about DGNB’s work and the circular economy, the various participants presented their companies and provided insights into their work with the circular economy.

Longer service lives for construction materials
In particular, the panel discussed the significant challenges relating to the implementation of the circular economy in Germany and internationally. Among other things, Tina Snedker Kristensen mentioned the sustainability benefits of construction materials with long service lives, and which therefore have less environmental impact during their life cycle. She pointed out that it is essential to know the history of the materials when buildings need to be demolished.

“When building today, we need to use healthy materials, and by means of materials passports we must be able to document where the various materials have been used, and how to remove and reuse them – and this information must be stored and updated throughout the lifetime of the building. Moreover, it’s important that we lay down various guidelines for this – not just nationally, but at a European level,” said Tina Snedker Kristensen during the discussion.

Recognition from DGNB
At BAU 2019, Tina Snedker Kristensen was presented with the special DGNB Navigator Label by DGNB board member John Kreißig. The presentation was made in recognition of the fact that Troldtekt has integrated data on its acoustic panels in DGNB Navigator, a German online platform for sustainable building products.

“Troldtekt is one of the most forward-thinking companies, and is already using DGNB Navigator to talk openly about its high-quality products and services in relation to sustainability,” said DGNB at the ceremony.

In its material for consultants and DGNB’s auditors, the consulting engineering group Ramboll has also documented how Troldtekt acoustic solutions contribute specifically to earning points for DGNB certification.

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