New design solutions nominated for German Design Award


The characterful Troldtekt v-line acoustic panels have been nominated for the prestigious German Design Award 2023. With their discreet v-shaped grooves, Troldtekt v-line 1way and Troldtekt v-line 2way create an elegant and uniform ceiling surface combined with superior acoustics.  


Troldtekt is once again in the running for the prestigious German Design Award 2023, which is organised by the German Design Council. The two new design solutions Troldtekt v-line 1way and 2way have been nominated in the main category Excellent Product Design and in the subcategory Building and Elements.  

The Troldtekt v-line panels featuring milled v-shaped grooves create an elegant look, with the grooves continuing across the entire ceiling surface. The solutions are, among other things, suitable for offices and private homes, where both acoustics and aesthetics play an important role.  

“We want to give architects and clients complete freedom to design characterful spaces with superior acoustics. When launching new solutions, we put great care into the design and consult architects along the way. A German Design Award is one of the finest seals of quality, and shows that the market welcomes the new design,” says Jesper Kvist, Country & Business Development Manager at Troldtekt GmbH. 

At the end of October, a jury panel comprising professors, designers and architects will select the winners of next year’s awards, which will be presented at an awards ceremony in February 2023.   

Stands out from other design solutions 

The two Troldtekt v-line variants were launched in spring 2022 as additions to the Troldtekt design series, which now counts 11 solutions. The complete series with the original nine solutions won a German Design Award in 2020.  

Troldtekt v-line stands out through being based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt acoustic panels, while all the other solutions in the design series are based on 35 mm panels. The v-line variants thus weigh less and can also be produced at very competitive prices. 

“The idea with the two new solutions is to make our design solutions available for even more projects. In addition to being 10 mm thinner than our other design solutions, the v-shaped grooves are not as deep as the rectangular grooves in Troldtekt line, which results in a slightly more discreet look,” says Michael Christensen, in-house architect at Troldtekt A/S and the designer behind the entire design series. 

A sustainable choice 

The design solutions make it possible to combine superior acoustics and characterful design with a documented sustainable indoor climate. Like Troldtekt’s other cement-bonded wood wool products, Troldtekt v-line is certified according to the sustainable Cradle to Cradle design concept at Gold level. The certification covers acoustic panels in natural wood and painted in the popular standard colours white, black and grey. 

Moreover, Troldtekt v-line is available based on the cement type FUTURECEM™, which has a significantly lower carbon footprint than traditional cement. 

FACTS: Troldtekt v-line 1way and 2way 

  • The new Troldtekt v-line products feature either six or ten milled v-shaped grooves in each acoustic panel. 
  • Half grooves along the longitudinal edges create an extra groove when two panels are installed side by side.  
  • The short sides are where the 1way and 2way panels differ. The ends of the 1way panels are square-edged, while the ends of the 2way panels feature the same half v-shaped grooves as the longitudinal edges. 
  • The Troldtekt v-line solution is based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt acoustic panels.  

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FACTS: About the German Design Award 

  • The German Design Award is being presented for the tenth time by the German Design Council, which was founded in 1953 and is now one of the world’s leading design knowledge centres. Read more at  
  • In 2023, awards in 68 categories will be presented under three main themes: Excellent Architecture and Excellent Communications Design and Excellent Product Design.  
  • The awards will be presented at a special awards ceremony in February 2023.