Troldtekt v-line: New design solutions with discreet grooves

Troldtekt is now launching two new variants of its award-winning design solutions. Troldtekt® v-line 1way and Troldtekt® v-line 2way acoustic panels feature elegant v-shaped grooves milled into the surface. Troldtekt v-line is based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt acoustic panels, and can be produced at very competitive prices.


The two new variants in Troldtekt’s design series create characterful and uniform ceilings that ensure superior acoustics in any room.

The two new products – Troldtekt v-line 1way and Troldtekt v-line 2way – feature milled grooves in the surface. They thus represent a further development of the popular design solutions Troldtekt line and Troldtekt line design, which have been on the market since 2019.

Troldtekt v-line is based on the classic 25 mm Troldtekt acoustic panels, while all the other solutions the design series are based on 35 mm panels. The v-line variants thus weigh less and can also be produced at very competitive prices.

“Our objective with the two new solutions is to make our design solutions available for even more projects. In addition to being 10 mm thinner than our other design solutions, the v-shaped grooves are not as deep as the rectangular grooves in Troldtekt line, which results in a slightly more discreet look,” says Michael Christensen, in-house architect at Troldtekt A/S and the designer behind the entire design series.

He mentions private homes and offices as examples of buildings where Troldtekt v-line would be an obvious choice.

Troldtekt v-line 1way | Troldtekt v-line 2way

Calm yet characterful
Troldtekt v-line has milled v-shaped grooves running lengthways along each panel as well as half grooves cut into the panel’s longitudinal edges. In this way, an additional groove is created when two panels are installed side by side. The difference between the 1way and 2way panels can be seen in the short sides of the panels. The ends of the 1way panels are square-edged, while the ends of the 2way panels have the same half v-shaped groove as on the longitudinal sides.

“1way creates a calm ceiling surface with long, uninterrupted lines reminiscent of wooden strip ceilings. When you choose 2way, on the other hand, the longitudinal grooves are broken by transverse grooves where the panel ends meet. White or natural-coloured 2way panels in particular create a characterful pattern that stands out clearly in the room,” says Michael Christensen.

Irrespective of which of the two variants you choose, the panels are available with either 6 or 10 milled v-shaped grooves running lengthways.

“In rooms with a relatively low ceiling height, the panels with 10 grooves help to create an attractive finish. The six-groove variant, where the distance between the grooves is greater, stands out more clearly in larger rooms with higher ceilings,” says Michael Christensen.

Precision and flexibility
Customers who want a slightly different look and greater flexibility when installing the panels can combine Troldtekt v-line 1way or 2way with the panel type Troldtekt v-line blank, which supplements the two new solutions. The blank panels are also available as 1way with square edges at the ends and 2way with half grooves cut into the ends of each panel. 

“The blank panel has exactly the same dimensions and edge design, but does not have any v-shaped grooves running along the actual panel surface. A row of blank panels can lighten the overall look when the panels with grooves stop a short distance from the wall and the blank panels are installed between them and the wall to create a kind of frame around the room. Blank panels can also be used, for example, to highlight islands with v-shaped grooves in an office environment,” says Michael Christensen.

He explains that Troldtekt v-line blank also has a practical function:

“The solution ensures a more precise finish when installing, for example, skylights, spots, an extractor fan etc. in a ceiling. Along the walls, the blank panels can also be used to prevent any irregularities from visually disturbing the rest of the ceiling surface with v-shaped grooves.”

The new Troldtekt v-line panels will be available from March 2022.

See photos from a refurbished architectural firm in Aarhus with Troldtekt v-line 1way

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