Housing development featuring Troldtekt in the running for prestigious wood award

Troldtekt acoustic panels play a prominent role at Kløverbakken, which is one of the three projects in the running for the new sustainable wood building of the year award – ‘Årets Bæredygtige Træbyggeri’. The winner will be announced on 23 May 2023 at the Build in Wood conference in Copenhagen.    

Photo: Tegnestuen Arken

The new cohousing community Kløverbakken in Odder, Denmark, caters for all ages. The development is a mix of six different housing types for singles, families with children and seniors. Here, the philosophy is that everyone adds value to the community, and that diversity fosters understanding, responsible conduct and a sense of togetherness.

In addition to its community focus, Kløverbakken is distinguished by everything that has been done to enhance its sustainability profile. The development has a very low climate footprint per resident: only 7.3 kg CO2e/m2/year. By comparison, in the new climate standards, the threshold value defined for new developments of more than 1,000 square metres is 12 kg CO2e/m2/year.

The impressive result is largely down to the choice of materials, which is also why the development is one of the three finalists for the new sustainable wood building of the year award – ‘Årets Bæredygtige Træbyggeri 2022’. The award is being presented for the first time this year, and the winner will be announced at the Build in Wood conference, which is being held on 23-24 May in Copenhagen. 

Village-like car-free cohousing community

From the outset, the cohousing community in Odder was conceived as a car-free village, where 58 homes have been built around a ‘village street’, with a large communal building and a communal orangery at its centre.

The client and contractor was Thybo, while Tegnestuen Arken has acted as the architect and consulting engineer.

Throughout, there has been considerable focus on the choice of materials and their carbon footprint. All the houses are built from wood, and Troldtekt acoustic panels – in which wood is also a key raw material – contribute to a healthy indoor climate with good acoustics in both the living rooms and bathrooms.

Also, the average house size is significantly smaller than the national average, which results in a reduced carbon footprint per resident.  Kløverbakken’s residents have been closely involved in deciding on the materials and architecture, and have also helped to choose local plant species for a wild patch.

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Facts about Kløverbakken

  • Total climate impact: 7.3 kg CO2e/m2/year
  • Certification: DGNB Gold or Platinum (to be finalised)
  • Area: 6,000 square metres
  • Partners: Thybo (client and contractor), Tegnestuen Arken (architect and consulting engineer)