Award: Troldtekt® v-line named “Architects’ Choice” for the home

Troldtekt's acoustic solution, v-line, has just been named one of the best for single-family homes at the Häuser des Jahres award ceremony. The German architects voted Troldtekt v-line onto the roll of honour. The awards are sponsored by the publisher Callwey.


Troldtekt v-line provides homeowners with a distinctive, uniform ceiling surface, ensuring excellent acoustics throughout the space. The characterful acoustic solutions have now been honoured at Häuser des Jahres, which is part of Best of Architecture 2023.

The award ceremony is arranged by the publisher Callwey. All the honoured projects will be featured in Callwey's beautiful publication, which showcases the most magnificent single-family homes in Germany.

Troldtekt v-line was included on the "Architects' Choice" list - an honour for both national and international companies whose products make positive contributions to family homes in Germany. The list is drawn up based on the responses to an online poll conducted among 100 of Germany's top architectural firms.

Brings calm to the space - including visually

Both of the two new product variants were honoured,  Troldtekt v-line 1way and Troldtekt v-line 2way. There are v-shaped grooves milled into the surface of the acoustic panels, which ensures a calm appearance with long lines in the space. The ceiling provides an acoustic calm, which means it is possible to chat even in large spaces with many hard materials.

Using the Troldtekt v-line 2way variant, the long lines are broken up by crossing lines where the ends of the panels meet. The white and natural-coloured variants of 2way create a particularly distinctive pattern that stands out in the space.

Like the other Troldtekt cement-bonded wood wool products, the Troldtekt v-line has achieved Cradle-to-Cradle certification at the gold level. The acoustic panels have been manufactured using red spruce from certified Danish forests (FSC®C115450 and PEFC™) and cement extracted from Danish mineral resources. 

This is the second time that the publishing house Callwey has placed Troldtekt solutions among the best for private houses. In 2022, it was the series of Troldtekt design solutions - to which the new Troldtekt v-line variants are a supplement - that was honoured when awards were presented for the best solutions for private houses in 2022.