Buying Blind: Couple got their wish fulfilled with characterful Troldtekt ceilings

Line and Kristian Tækker Madsen got help finding and renovating the perfect home in Esbjerg from experts from the Danish TV programme 'Buying Blind'. The couple had a renovation request from the start: Good acoustics throughout the home.


Kristian Tækker Madsen forgot to tell his wife that he signed the couple up for the Danish TV programme 'Buying Blind', where experts are given the power to buy and renovate a house on behalf of the participants.

Today, the couple has moved into a quiet suburban street in Esbjerg, and fortunately the experience has been positive – also for Kristian’s wife. Viewers on the streaming service Viasat were able to experience this for themselves when the programme aired on Tuesday, 7 November 2023.

"It was a great experience being part of the programme. The process has been fun and we've got a fantastic result. But of course it’s always a bit nerve-wracking to hand over control of your own home and money in this way," says Line Tækker Madsen.

Line and Kristian had decided to sell their current home, and the couple wanted to be inspired and challenged in their choice of home and materials. The experts from the TV programme were the right people for the job:

"It’s been so great to have professionals involved and let them read us and our style and then implement it in the home. It has really become our dream home, because it suits us perfectly," says Kristian Tækker Madsen.

Good acoustics with an exclusive look

Even though Line and Kristian Tækker Madsen left the big decisions to the experts, the couple had both a set of requirements and requests for the renovation. One of the requests was for the house to have good acoustics.

In 2012, Line was diagnosed with sudden deafness when out of the blue she lost hearing in her left ear. As a result, she struggles with severe tinnitus and hypersensitivity to sound, so the right acoustics were essential in the couple’s new home.

"For me to be in a room without a hearing aid requires a good acoustic solution. And we’ve really got that. It greatly contributes to my quality of life, but also to my husband's, who also cares about good sound," says Line.

The experts in the programme chose a the design solution Troldtekt line design, which, with longitudinal grooves across the entire ceiling surface, adds a visually calm look. In combination with the other materials, the dark grey colour of the ceiling creates a cosy cave-like feel, which the couple believes makes the house feel like a real home.

"We are so happy with our ceilings, which really frame our home in the right way. The aesthetic aspect of the design solution really does something good for our home and the feeling it gives us," says Kristian Tækker Madsen.


Troldtekt talks about acoustic qualities

The experts themselves are very happy with the house they found for Line and Kristian Tækker Madsen. The house has a very special style, which is why the programme's architect, Mads Kappel Mikkelsen, didn't want to install just a flat industrial ceiling.

Troldtekt was chosen because of the couple's desire for a home with good acoustics and a distinctive design.

Troldtekt’s project consultant, Bente Therkildsen, was at the house to accompany the renovation and see the outcome of the Troldtekt ceilings installed throughout the house. And although the experts made a bold decision with the grey ceilings, the finished result and the desired effect are entirely within the nature of Line and Kristians Tækker Madsen.

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The Danish home improvement and entertainment programme 'Buying Blind' helps participants take the ultimate step in the search for their dream home by leaving the big decisions and all their savings to the programme’s experts. The experts take care of everything from buying the house to interior design before participants move into their new homes.

The episode with Line and Kristian was aired on Tuesday, 7 November on the Danish channel TV3.