A cosy home with dark contrasts

After a major renovation and expert interior design, the couple Line and Kristian Tækker Madsen have moved into their dream home in Esbjerg. The chosen materials create an cosy feeling that makes the house a real home.

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In Esbjerg, close to the city centre as well as the forest, Line and Kristian Tækker Madsen have moved into a newly renovated house. The couple got help with the renovation from experts from the Danish TV programme 'Boligkøb i blinde ' (Buying Blind), and they were pleased by both the choice of materials and colours, despite having no influence on the home's renovation.

"We had hoped that the house would have organic materials and some dark wood to add warmth. We come from a completely white, newly built house, which wasn't to our taste. We needed the opposite, and that’s essentially what we got," says Line Tækker Madsen.

The 190 square metre home contrasts with the clinical and sterile feeling the couple experiences when working in a hospital as a doctor and nurse, respectively. They wanted a home with warmth, life and soul, with room for both children and adults – in a perfectly harmonious combination.

"The house feels like a cosy cave. It feels like home when you walk in, and it provides a pleasant and warm atmosphere," continues Kristian Tækker Madsen.


Dark grey Troldtekt design ceiling as contrast

The focus of the interior design and choice of materials was to create simple colour combinations. In contrast to the white walls and in line with the dark brown wood used in the kitchen, bathroom and wardrobe, the dark grey ceiling really comes into its own.

The design solution Troldtekt line design ceiling with longitudinal grooves across the entire ceiling surface adds a visually calm look as well as a distinctive design to the home.

"The grey colour of the ceiling goes together so well with the rest of the home. We also love the aesthetic effect of the ceiling," says Kristian Tækker Madsen.


Good acoustics were crucial

In 2012, Line Tækker Madsen was diagnosed with sudden deafness when out of the blue she lost hearing in her left ear. As a result, she struggles with severe tinnitus and hypersensitivity to sound, so good acoustics were a high priority for the couple in their new home.

"For me to be in a room without a hearing aid requires a good acoustic solution. And we’ve really got that. It greatly contributes to my quality of life, but also to my husband's, who also cares about good sound," says Line, and continues:

"We feel that the ceiling encapsulates the sound and envelops us in the home, and that’s exactly what we wanted.